Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Snazzy Quilts. When Was the Last TIme You Used the Word Snazzy in a Sentence?

Continuing our conversation from yesterday, I have more quilts to share. (((:))) Today I am pondering quilting styles. With the popularity of machine quilting, by domestic machine or long-arm, the whole construction and completion of a quilt has evolved. More and more we see these works of art machine quilted. While I have presented this observation before this show really added a punctuation mark to the subject. In our weekly group and among Guild members we have discussed the difference of a hand quilted vs. a machine quilted piece. They both have a strong presence but they ARE different.  

I suspect that judging will address this formally in the future but this show already identifies winners in each category. I see a secondary effect of the machine quilting trend. More quilts are being made, finished and entered into shows because it does not require a full year to finish your project. 
To me that is a good thing. And truly, when you see some of the machine quilted masterpieces you cannot deny that quality has not been affected by Not hand quilting the beautifully pieced quilt.
While I did not have the time or opportunity to identify each of the quilts I have shown here as hand or machine quilted, I hope the quality of each item is reflected appropriately. I am fortunate to have a small collection of antique quilts, all hand quilted, and I cherish them. I have made a few myself and gifted them. I know when one gifts the quilt that you have to let it go but I wonder, to this day, if the new Mothers, friends  or family members understand just how much thought, work and love go into each one. I know of one that has probably been relegated to a dog bed, I hope the dog is happy and warm. I now know that the dog likely is more appreciative than the original recipient. 
All of this opens another subject for me that of density of stitches. I know, you are saying what? I will address that in a subsequent post. It is something that I struggle with on each quilt. 
Just look at the dimension shown in this quilt.

Isn't this one happy and cheerful?

More happiness, in fabric! Check out the chili pepper border. Fun.
  • The quilting world is always changing, that is a good thing.
  • Driving the evolution is each quilters responsibility IMO. By supporting local business and sharing your process you can support the movement and help grow the population of people who sew, view and appreciate quilts.
  • I am not ignoring the simple fact that quilting is an expensive hobby. Another subject to address in the near future. It is a biggie.
  • It has been a crazy 24 hours here in Sewtopia. I came home to a gas leak in our (relatively new) furnace, an issue with speeding on our street and subsequent vandalism leading to a visit by the local police and just realizing that I am really, really tired. I just want to schedule time to sew, how hard can that be?
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