Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hiding in Plain Sight, a Disjointed Commentary
I recently found a photo series of insects, amphibians and animals on Viral Nova that reminds me of how 'hidden' things can make things appear or disappear depending on circumstance.  If you cannot see the insect in perfect camouflage in the above photo, look closely again, observe the spine of the leaf, it is a shade whiter than the vein itself. While the insect does not support the leaf, the leaf does indeed support the insect.

Right now I am in a holding pattern while waiting for Mr. Sewtopia to return from his errands. So I turned on the TV. I have a bunch of little thoughts in my head this morning and they seem to keep coming back to the possibility of trying bra making again. They are essential, no debate there but if one watches a popular shopping channel right now one would think that we need to be trussed up like turkeys, as in 1950.  I know,   I know...I have a drawer full of Spanx and similar items. I rarely wear them, not that I don't need them, mind you, but all that squeezing and futzing around leaves me in a swoon! I have a dear friend who now admits that her daughter's wedding was totally ruined for her because she was so miserable in her Spanx so that the Mother of the Bride would not appear lumpy. She removed them midway through the reception and quite frankly I would never have known had she not mentioned it. By then the champagne had flowed and a little lump or roll here or there was of no consequence anyway! These are not just bras or snuggies that tone up the belly these things actually have straps to attach your bra to the mid-riff piece that extends to mid thigh! In 90 degree weather! Are you kidding me? I'm thinking S & M tendencies here.

I so admire those Sewists who labor with multiple patterns, fabrics and fittings to find the perfect fit for bras, underpants or camisoles.. There seems to be a resurgence on the blogs again this season. While I still make little cami's to keep me warm in cooler weather bra making is more trouble than it is worth to me.  I would rather work on other things like quilts, totes, nightwear, aprons, T shirts etc. Do you know what I mean? 

Tasia of Sewaholic Patterns has a recent post on her endeavors on her blog. Pretty pieces. With the popularity of laces in the last 3 or 4 years the selections have improved in retail and on line for bra making supplies. However, the best sources are online now. Tasia lists those in her post. In conclusion, no I will not delve into that again. And besides, I gave away all the supplies.

Last summer's Coleus, one of my absolute favorite plants. On my way out this morning to check out the garden shops for some plants. Wish me luck.

Tune of the Day: In 1964 when I weighed 102 lbs, I wore a Girdle. Good Grief. Shake it up BABY, the kids from Liverpool.

Happy Derby Day, do you have your fancy hat?

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