Saturday, April 12, 2014

This Week at the Sew and Sews

Pat shared this cute little quilt she made in a class at a local Quilt shop. Plaid is designed to be assembled in sections, note the over-under design and how using the back side of the fabric creates the pattern. Too cute.
Our Snowbird, Marilyn, has been busy with this 'Stack-n-Wack' beauty. The colors pop off this background. Very nice.
I may have shown this one before but Betty Jane has found a really super way to make those scraps pop against the white background.  The strings share color and tone and make an outstanding quilt to utilize those endless scrap piles.
Girls with looms, Karen made this super hat while we chatted. Everyone was so pleased with the use of gray and white. And just look at that adorable daisy ornament! Using a little loom she added this and quite frankly I was eyeing it up myself. Some sweet child at the Ronald McDonald House will be all dolled up in this. Love it. 
I think this is the nicest of the hats I have seen in a while. I need to look for my smallest loom and try this. I am already thinking of Christmas. Pains me to say it, but Spring and Summer seem to pass so quickly that I end up behind every year. This year I have lots of new ideas. Christmas in July will be more productive.............I hope! 

Notice the fabric under the hat? That is a little project of mine. I'm making it into a scarf from a remnant I bought at the TRQ show. I am hemming the edges. My original plan was to 'roll' the hem but take my word for it....this poly does not roll.  Using silk thread is making the stitches nearly invisible.  A show and tell at a future date.



Jeanneke said...

Don't you think it looks like a 'Seven Sisters' in Stack 'n Whack technique? Beautiful!
May your Sunday be blessed and sunny.


corinne said...

you are absolutely right.

Christmas in July in Sewtopia......................

Christmas did indeed come early for me, in July. Her name is Lola.  While sorting out the project boxes to pull the Christmas fabrics, ...