Monday, March 24, 2014


the only Spring flowers in Sewtopia came from the Florist

A recent field trip led me to The Knitting and Crochet Festival.  Wonderful, beautiful yarn, as far as the eye could see. Before I share my purchases I just want to say that I think they pipe in some kind of "Buy me now" gas.  I did practice control if you must know,  but how is a knitter/crochet person not to be tempted?   OK, enough for the disclaimer.

The pattern. Surrounded by beautiful samples one does get overwhelmed by choices. This year I saw many patterns for lace work. More than I have seen in the past. I am not that skilled. Instead this pattern tempted me.
the pattern on the left, the Lace Reader's Wrap will be my next Knit project, I think.
 Then I needed to find the yarn. The sample was in a lovely yellow DK but yellow makes me look jaundiced so that was out. For some reason I have been pulled to purples but it had to be the right purple. We looked at lots of purples and this is the one that came home. It is a hand dyed 50/50 fine wool and Suri Alpaca beauty. I plan to make this shawl up in an economy yarn before using the good stuff. Ain't it purdy?

I have been planning on making a felted purse. I have the yarn, had some ideas and found some nice patterns in the hand-out book we received with paid registration. I have narrowed my plan down to two different patterns. In the meantime I found this little beauty at one of the booths that called my name. A very reasonable price justified her purchase. It is essentially an inspiration piece.

And last but not least, this spindle. I hesitated on this one for a couple reasons  (primarily price) but decided the idea was a good one. The spindle sits atop a spinning base, there is also one thread guide. When your yarn ball is on the spindle it unwinds as you work and the little guide provides just the right amount of tension. I also saw some beautiful pottery ball holders but large dogs with long swishy tails would make short work of those. I know, just try to look beyond the obvious. I didn't even think it until I brought it home, Husband was rather amused.
extra yarn balls added for modesty 

I was also looking at some really nice needle holder/organizers. I opted out because they were waaaaay over priced. I can make that I said to myself. I have needles here and there and want to consolidate the crochet hooks in one case and the knitting needles in another.

Three Rivers Quilt Show this week, I will try to get some photo's. It gets so busy, so crowded etc. that is sometimes difficult. I will do my best. Judging is Tuesday, load-in is Tuesday and Wednesday, show opens Thursday and closes Saturday. Very busy week. See you soon.

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