Thursday, February 13, 2014

Confessions of a Fabraholic

Kate Spain interview from Fat Quarter Shop
Just when I think that I have enough fabric I become enchanted by new offerings. While I hesitate very strongly to label this an addiction, I prefer passion, how can the quilter not be inspired by the choices available in the market? When I started quilting calico's were prominent and  many were poly-cotton blends. Now, the quilt world is saturated in brilliant design and interestingly many of the designers are learning to quilt!  

Where is this leading? Well, all the best plans sometimes get deferred. Mr. Sewtopia is home now recovering from surgery and the nurse is pretty busy! And best of all, she has a little injury that has sort of sidelined the dominant hand. Long story short, in a free moment the other day I decided to return to my clean one cupboard or drawer daily routine and smashed my arthritic right hand in between the lid and the base of a small appliance.  Of course it had to happen when the hand was already quite tender. So there is not much happening in Sewtopia.

Instead I want to share a link to an interview with one of my favorite designers, Kate Spain. Her new fabric lines are stunning. Meet Kate here and be tempted by the colors and design. Such talent.

Have a lovely Thursday, guess what? It is snowing again in Pa.!!!! 
*****ps, there is a big Valentine's Book Sale going on over at Landauer Publishing if you need to gift Yourself! Just sayin! (no affiliation or compensation received or implied)


ELMO said...

Is a hand too tender to mouse on over to pick up some more fabric? (Insert evil fabric stashing emoticon here!)

corinne said...

Ahhhh, the hand received her Visa bill yesterday, then the hand had a bit of a spasm and began flailing around like the one in the antiacid commercial. Minus the chicken wings, I don't ever do chicken arms!

The hand and the mouse are taking a little sabbatical. Yes, they are~Insert the shocked emoticon here.

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