Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Well I Never- The Dress Form

My thermometer says -6F, this photo was taken by someone else, I am not going out there, just so you understand. My little studio is cozy and warm and I am working on 1 (one) just one project at a time. My new mantra...."one at a time!"  So for today, a re-post, a first for me.
Since I am in a Garment State of Mind this week I thought I would revisit this post. I did get a little smile remembering the incident with the window washer that day but my reason for re-posting is to provide information about a good product that may interest you if you are also dealing with a dress form that is sized smaller than your middle-aged body. Sad but true, all sorts of adjustments are required.  I have been pleased with Fabulous Fit and even have a few pads left over! So here we go, my first Re-post!! Meet the Fabulous Fit System.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 


Bertie in the Window or Get Some Clothes on that Girl! Part #1

A month or so ago I was doing my middle-of-the-night project, a pincushion. Considering everyone else was asleep, I borrowed stuffing from Bertie's midriff to stuff the cushion. Well, talk about a pathetic site, in her fancy little "dainties" with fuzzy stuff peeking out here and there. That was when I decided to break down and purchase some proper stuffing for her. It arrived a few weeks ago and I just have not had time to do all the measuring, stuffing etc. So, Miss Bertie is standing in a window, three stories high, just waiting for some clothes. Enter the window washer. There he is, 50 feet in the air, being greeted by a curvy girl with no clothes! I don't think he had ever seen a dress-form before. Fortunately, it was a sturdy ladder and nothing bad happened but he did knock on the door to tell me they met.  He was blushing. He mentioned that he thought it was me (remember that she is my approximate shape to begin with)  but now I am wondering how he was able to reconcile the fact that Bertie does not have a head. Oh my.

Back to the subject at hand. This is the link to a retail site that describes the product and the history of the product. I purchased mine at Nancy's Notions. I paid more, I should have done a little more research. Anyway........


middle age adjustments
 This illustration shows a thin lady on the left and she grows four times as the photo's progress to the right. Rather like the typical 20's to middle aged body I think.  This is achieved by adding the pads to the areas of growth, abdomen, high hip, thigh, etc. 
 The Fabulous Fit System comes in this nice big box, with two covers, and lots of little and larger foam rubber pads to mirror your body contours.

Here are the two covers. They are made of a sturdy stretchy fabric. The cover on the right is applied first to the neck and shoulder area, the pads are added if required to the bust and/or shoulder areas and then the cover is stretched and advanced down the body adding the pads as required. Of course, lots of beginning and successive measurements are required to achieve the proper silhouette.

this is the booklet that accompanies the product. it illustrates and describes the fitting process very well.
The second cover, with the turtleneck on the left, is fitted over the first cover. From there one marks a waist line etc.

The pads are a nice dense foam. These remind of shoulder pads I had purchased in the 1990's from QVC. Now, don't laugh, I still have them. The foam as held up well. The little tabs that fit under the bra strap are gone, but you never know when they might be called back into service!
Notice here how thin the pad is on the edge. This will provide a smooth transition between dress form and pad. So, there you have it. The product. My plan is to do the measurements next and start shaping my girl. Just show you know, however, I will not be broadcasting any measurements here. Full disclosure just doesn't work there for me. I'll tell the measurements of a quilt, of general items etc, but the private parts are staying private. I will say that I have a couple really challenging measurements that have complicated garment sewing for me recently. I am shrinking. Yes, shrinking. Not around the waist or hips, in height. I am 1 1/2 inches shorter now than I have been my whole life. Related to that I have a congenital spine curvature that is now showing its evilness that can no longer be compensated for by posture alone. My right shoulder is 1 1/4 inches lower than the left. Bra straps drive me crazy. There is more but I won't bore, these are the major issues. So, part two will be in the next Bertie post, stay tuned. Now, off to dinner with some dear old friends.

Gratuity Moment: that my right shoulder isn't 3 inches lower than the left. I would need to buy more pads.
***as usual, no remuneration or compensation is received or implied


Shelley said...

I keep a jacket on Matilda who lives in the guest room so that no one gets embarrassed. Looks like a great dress form you have there!

celkalee said...

HiYa Shelly!

Corinne said...

Lets try this again, Hello Shelly, since this incident, Bertie has moved to a less the visible area and wears a protective bag over her Fabulous Fit leotard. And, by the way, I had to let the window washer go, it was creepy!

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