Tuesday, January 28, 2014

There is a Mouse in the House

Snow bound and frozen solid here in the Northeast U.S. leaves the Sewist with several options. She can plan her sewing, actually do some sewing or talk about sewing. Of course she could clean.......(no) Since our Tuesday Sew and Sews group is taking a "Snow Day" I won't be talking sewing that's for sure. Mr. Sewtopia can only take so much sew-talk and the Dogs, well they really don't care! If  Kibble was involved it would be a different story I am sure. Anyway.......

Still fiddling around with "smalls" and not quilting,  I found this pattern hanging around for some time but just never got around to making it. In last weeks inspiration post from Seriously Crazy 4 Craft Blog, Heather gifted her friends with the sweetest little mouse figures.

So I set out to make mine match the birds in color. I have lots of that off-white felt still hanging around. 
remember these two? in the bush? yeah, I know, pop the corn!
Fig Tree Patterns
Fancy Rodent vs. Primitive Rodent
I loved the pattern directions. She needed a little project that she and her little daughter could work on together. Mmmmm, I can do this. So you have a body piece, ear, inner ear and tail. Oh and a circle for the base.
Cut the body piece on the fold, I decided to pink the ears. Sew the one seam, cut a slit for the ears, pinch a tuck in the ears, stuff them in the slit, secure. Stuff it, add a tail and the bottom. My eyes are French knots, Wiskers are embroidery thread. 

What in the world does she have in those jars?

Fig Tree Patterns
Now, anyone who knows me also knows that I am terrified of any type of rodent. Repulsed, apoplectic, screaming like a banchee at the sight of one. Really, I am not joking so for me to sew one up is a major stretch. But I did it.   Now I can cross that off my bucket list!

So here's the deal, I think I will remake him, use long bunny ears, lose the tail, add a pom-pom! A bunny rabbit!

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