Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The First Quilt of a Happy New Year-A Vintage Masterpiece Applique Quilt

 May I introduce the second of the Vintage Masterpiece quilts, applique, from the  1950's. Made by the  paternal Grandmother of a dear Cousin, it has never been used or washed. Gifted to me this Christmas, I am honored to be its new caretaker. The background fabric is pure white and the applique's are all solid colors enhanced with floss embroidery. The colored fabrics have retained their hue and brightness after being folded up and stored in an attic for at least 60 years. The other quilt of this genre was dated in the selvage, this one has no markings.

Can you believe the color in these corner Pansy's? Each corner has this motif. The quilt is large for its day, it fits a Queen sized mattress with about a 12 inch drop.

The center motif. Notice the meticulous hand quilting. 10 stitches to the inch.

Note the outline stitching around each motif, in real life it gives each bouquet a dimensional quality. The blue bias medallion is meticulously applied, not a dimple anywhere.

I plan to admire this quilt for a while then roll it up and put it away. I will bring it out again in the Spring to adorn a bed. Just looking at it makes me smile. What a great Christmas Present. I am (almost) speechless. Happy New Year!

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Jeanneke said...

What a precious gift you've received for Christmas! One triple A Class heirloom.
I am sure you are thr right person to get such a fab(ricu)lous gift.
Enjoy and cherish this beauty!


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