Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Folly, Orphan Block Turned Pyramid Pincushion

The template I used to cut the ever-in-progress Kaffe units was sitting beside it.
While clearing off the desk where my machine does its work. I unearthed this left-over block. This is a fabric (jellyroll) that I was not sure I liked at first but after the quilt was made I really liked the overall effect.   Anyway, I needed a big pin cushion to park on the side of the small pressing board near my iron. Why not?

I cut the 5 kite shaped blocks and joined them on the long sides.

Reminds me of a bra-cup Madonna would wear during a stage performance!

I pressed the seams nice and flat, stood it up on top of a piece of scrap fabric, traced the outline and cut out a bottom piece. That paisley looking fabric you see in the photo on the right is still hanging around. I must have bought all they had! I attached the bottom piece to the cone and left a small opening for turning and stuffing.

Somewhere along the line during the Holidays I used up all my fiberfill stuffing so I sacrificed a poly blend quilt batt that has been hanging around for years and years. 
What a hoot! How can you not chuckle when you realize that I used about an hour of precious time on this Folly? I am going to start a new feature,  Sewtopian Follies!!!

a profile shot for effect!
  • Sometimes you need to just do something silly! This is truly Folly! I am going to add a pom-pom.
  • You can never have enough pincushions, I keep one in every 'station' and work basket. Never fails, I will need a pin when I least expect it.
  • I am having fun with smalls. The bigs are staring at me and I am just not in the mood to deal with them this week.
In Progress:
  1. I needed to knit swatches for another project. I saw a charming water bottle cover in a new magazine. I thought, why not turn the swatch into the cover for new rice filled heating pads I am making? Beavering away I realized that I could crochet the cover much quicker and need to get knitting on the project. More on that another time.
  2. Another folly of sorts, a critter. A mantle critter. Needs a finishing touch or two and some tweaks in the pattern, It is small. 
  3. Still working on using the new Point and Shoot camera. Not just a Point and Shoot I might be able to get this thing to clean the house!   
 ****still snowing here.....................

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