Monday, December 2, 2013

A Mending Monday in Sewtopia, It's the Little Things

December, how did that happen? Of course you know that today, the First Monday of the Month, is a mending Monday. Nothing exciting, but I have several pairs of Mr. Sewtopia's trouser cuffs to repair and a favorite cardigan of mine with a tiny hole that I made when removing the the label. I always remove labels and rarely have a problem. I need to be more careful.

On another subject much more thrilling than my monotonous mending machinations, check out this amazing video! Who thinks this stuff up?
Tutorial for Tiny Bow

It seems thieat this was a weekend of 'littles.' While watching a re-run of Downton Abbey Season 2, I picked up my itty-bitty #5 hook and some Vintage Knit-Cro-Sheen and started thread doodling a spindle doily. So cute on a Vintage Machine, these little cuties work up in a few minutes. I didn't record a pattern, just doodled. Since I use multiples of 5 and 3 per stitch it is not difficult. If anyone wants a pattern, just let me know.
   Had to dig in the Vintage Stuff for this thread. The label was a little brittle but the thread is just fine. The faded price sticker was from a large variety store from this area that closed about 45-50  years ago. The price....$0.69! Now that is saying something.
Two Vintage machines, two spindle doilies. I saw these at a Sewing Expo selling for $7.00 each.
 Well, now this is embarrassing, it looks like Miss Feathers is wearing her Mothers doily! Too big. Will make a new one. Te-he-he!!!!

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