Monday, November 25, 2013

Doodling a Christmas Cheater Panel

A few years ago I found this Christmas panel at a summer quilt show. It was cute, I put it away where wouldn't forget it and promptly forgot about it. I am sure I am the only one who does this but there it is for all the world to know. I buy quilt stuff and then forget it. >)

A simple panel with a Victorian theme, I planned to just outline quilt the blocks, add a hanging sleeve, bind it and hang it up. Well, once I start thread doodling all bets are off.   I just finished the doodling and thought I would share. I did the thread painting free-motion, half with the stitch regulator and half without. I prefer without. I can zip along more smoothly in the small spaces. Starry Night by Moda. 
top of panel, not bound yet

the Angels are gearing up

middle of panel

bottom of the panel

strata-cumulus clouds

thread painting
I scribbled on the snowman!

Wall hanging
I like black bindings on wall hangings like this because it then appears framed. I also sew a coin on the bottom corners to help it hang straight. I used a piece of ugly poly/cotton something or other from the stash for the backing. 

Remember this is a wall hanging not fine art therefore the sketchy lines work out well. Once on the wall I am hoping the thread painting offers some dimension. The panel is printed nicely and the colors are clear with no smudged lines. (as sometimes seems to occur in lesser quality pieces, IMO) Some conclusions:
  • I should have turned off the stitch regulator long before I did. It is quirky in small spaces at slow speeds. I am comfortable without it, lesson learned here.
  • I also think the poly/cotton backing made the stitching more difficult. I never use that when quilting but I thought I should use it up, another lesson learned. 
  • This only took a couple of hours, I should have done it before now, I tend to over-think projects, over-estimating time required,  another lesson learned. 
  • Ps-please forgive the stray threads visible if you look closely,  I see some now that I didn't trim before snappy the photo's. Again, please remember I take pictures, I am not a photographer...just to be clear!

That's all for now. I'll take a snap or two after it is hung. Doodle-bug's unite, a fun and quick project. You know, I think I have another panel somewhere.......................................


Jeanneke said...

O, I like it very much; well done, Corinne!
Think I'll have to give it a try on one panel waiting in my stash...
Excercizing... lessons to be learned.
You have your beautiful Christmas wallhanging finished and hanging in time :>)


celkalee said...

Thanks Jeanneke, it took me long enough to get to it! I did the free-motion on the Handiquilter.

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